At Somerset and Corinth, it’s a demolition derby in Prairie Village

A perfect place for open-air theatre.
If you’ve got a penchant for watching things get dismantled, knocked down, or otherwise rendered a pile of wreckage, Prairie Village has been paradise over the past few weeks.

The demolition days began a couple weeks ago with the deconstruction of the McCrum Park water tower. Now, two more demolitions are under way.

Crews and well into tearing down Somerset Elementary school, having demolished the majority of the north side of the structure, though the south side of the building along Somerset Drive was still intact as of Thursday evening:

Somerset is being removed to make way for the new Benton House assisted living community. Here’s a shot of the latest rendering of that project:

And, at long last, the abandoned Tippin’s building at Corinth Square is no more. Crews had it almost entirely demolished as of Thursday:

We’re still waiting to hear back from the construction company about how long shoppers can expect that the fencing blocking off two entrances to the Corinth parking lot will remain up.

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