Your Community: County Librarian’s top five for fall

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Johnson County Library reception for new head librarian Sean Casserley

A new school year is about to start which means that students all across the metro will be learning, connecting with others and improving themselves. Those of us who are outside of the classroom setting have many opportunities for growth too. “It’s a great time to get to the Library and learn something new!” says Sean Casserley, County Librarian of Johnson County Library. “This fall, we’re ‘unlocking the mind’ with programs, resources and reads that open up new possibilities.” No matter what stage of life you are in, Johnson County Library has something for you.

Checkout this Top 5 from Casserley:

  1. Online Language Learning
    ¿Hablas español? Sprechen sie Deutsch? With your eLibrary Card, you can! I’ve been exploring Mango Languages and Rosetta Stone for more than 70 different languages ranging from Arabic to Yiddish!
  2. Mind Full or Mindful
    I’ve been dabbling in meditation, and this program is a great introduction for anyone interested in mindfulness.
  3. Creative Quest by Questlove
    Questlove’s curiosity is as well-known as his music, and this book brings together some of his stories and lessons on creativity.
  4. Unlock Your Creativity with Improv
    Improv is not just for comedians! We’ve used improv techniques in the workplace to deepen our listening skills, build trust and expand creativity. Kids can get a taste in this interactive workshop for grades K-5.
  5. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott 
    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of writing, Lamott’s book is a welcome guide.

Join Johnson County Library and explore the mysterious ways the human mind can work with programs designed to unlock, recharge, expand and engage our minds. Learn more at

Johnson County Library – Nurturing the Community’s Collective Wisdom

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