Where’s that at? #109

After extensive market research, we’ve decided to shift our ever-popular photo-find-it puzzler to a new day and time. From here on out, you can enjoy the freshly repotted “Where’s that

Where’s that at? #106

We’re exploring the nooks and crannies of northeast Johnson County today, heading off the beaten path and into “private drive” territory…:

Where’s that at? #103

It’s heating up out there, people, and starting to feel more like August is supposed to — which means we’re looking for any place we can to take a dip:

Where’s that at? #102

Wait a minute… Is this Prairie Village, or turn-of-the century London? Somebody call Dick Van Dyke because these chimneys look like they need some sweepin’, ya’ll!

Where’s that at? #ONE HUNDRED!!!

Huzzah, huzzah, and onward! THE DAY YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR HAS FINALLY ARRIVED: “WHERE’S THAT AT?” TURNS 100 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!! To honor the pioneering spirit of our wildly

Where’s that at? #97

After a brief hiatus, the puzzler is back, and in dramatic fashion! In this line of work, protection from the critters is imperative — and who better to scare the