Leaf pickup programs underway in Fairway, Westwood and Roeland Park

A few northeast Johnson County cities — Fairway, Roeland Park and Westwood — have begun their annual leaf collection programs, with efforts continuing over the next month. Below is how

A few northeast Johnson County cities — Fairway, Roeland Park and Westwood — have begun their annual leaf collection programs, with efforts continuing over the next month.

Below is how each city is handling leaf collection this year, including collection dates and guidelines.


Fairway residents are able to opt into — and pay for — a leaf removal program that conducts pick-ups by ward. The city partnered with Benjamin Lawn & Landscape for a group rate, offering residents the chance to pay for either one or two leaf collection dates.

The leaf collection dates are as follows:

  • Ward 1: Monday, Nov. 23 and Monday, Dec. 7
  • Ward 2: Sunday, Nov. 22 and Sunday, Nov. 6
  • Ward 3: Monday Nov. 2 and Monday, Nov. 30
  • Ward 4: Monday, Nov. 2 and Monday, Nov. 30

Although the first pick-up date for Wards 3 and 4 has already passed, residents can still sign-up for the second pick-up date. The cost for the first pick-up is $41, $54 for the second or $77 for both dates. Payments can be made online here, by clicking on “curbside leaf removal.”

Benjamin Lawn & Landscape trucks can vacuum a long row of leaves, and participating residents are encouraged to rake leaves into a pile along the curb (edge of the yard) as long and as narrow as possible. The vacuums can reach six feet into yards, and any leaves beyond six feet may not be removed.

Additionally, leaves should not be raked into the street or gutter and should not block the sidewalk. Trash, sticks, rocks and other debris should be removed from the leaf piles, and vehicles should not block the leaf row on collection day.

Roeland Park

Roeland Park residents can all take advantage of the city’s free leaf collection program. The program began on Nov. 2 and a map of the 2020 to 2021 leaf collection schedule can be found online here, with the city broken up into 12 different sections. Residents should follow the guidelines below for successful participation in the leaf collection program:

  • Rake leaves into long piles within eight feet of the back of the curb. Residents should not rake leaves into the street, and any leaves in the street will not be collected and the removal responsibility will fall on the resident.
  • Place leaves behind the curb one day before the scheduled collection.
  • Limbs and litter should be removed from the leaf piles, as the city’s ability to use the vacuum and compost the leaves depends “on a leaf only collection stream,” according to the city website.
  • Leaves should be kept away from mailboxes, cars, utility poles and other objects.
  • Vehicles should not be parked in front of leaves during collection hours (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).
  • If the sidewalk abuts the curb, residents are asked to leave at least three feet of passable sidewalk space for pedestrians.


Similarly to Roeland Park, Westwood residents can participate in the leaf collection program free of charge. Public works staff began making passes through the city on Nov. 2 starting at 51st Terrace north to 47th Street.

The program will continue all of November and early to mid-December. Crews may not return for a week or more depending on the amount of leaves that need to be gathered across the city, the weather and potential difficulties with the collection equipment, according to the city’s newsletter.

Residents can also use WCA’s year-round yard waste program and bag leaves in paper bags. Below are guidelines for residents participating in the city-sponsored leaf collection program:

  • Sticks and trash must be removed from leaf piles, and any piles containing a plethora of sticks or trash will be left until the pile is full of leaves only.
  • Rake leaves into as narrow a pile as possible.
  • Avoid raking leaves directly under low hanging trees as collection equipment tends to get tangled in low hanging limbs. There needs to be at least 14 feet in height from the ground to the lowest limb for the equipment to operate.
  • Rake to the curb or edge of the sidewalk, not onto the sidewalk, into the streets or the gutters.