Homebody: The fine art of summer sits – a guide to refreshing your patio

By Charity Ohlund I formally propose we make sitting a hobby. It’s required in everyday life, and if walking and running can be a sport, I propose their inverse— sitting

By Charity Ohlund

I formally propose we make sitting a hobby. It’s required in everyday life, and if walking and running can be a sport, I propose their inversesitting still is equally valid an activity. On its face, sitting may sound like the most boring of activities, but there’s something about late Spring and Early Summer weeks where lounging outside on a patio just sort of hits.

Perhaps you’re normally out hiking a trail, darting around on a boat, or crafting elaborate meals on a fancy grill, but everyone eventually has to slow down, kick back, and recharge. So, why not set aside a space as an intentional outdoor relaxation zone? Creating a welcoming outdoor patio space is a great way to extend your square footage and living area, plus it adds value when it’s time to resell your home. Here’s how I went about creating an outdoor patio without breaking the bank:

Outdoor patio furniture (Variable $670-$1300) – I chose the Solleron all-weather modular couch and cushion line for my patio, but your space and budget can dictate how much to invest in your furniture. 

The Solleron line allows multiple configurations and can be rearranged as you see fit the next time you refresh your space. While patio furniture is the most expensive item on this list, it’s also the most high-impact change you can make.  

Dining table and chairs ($50) I found this table and four chairs on Facebook Marketplace for less than $50, and it’s entirely possible to find some metal patio furniture without breaking the bank. Metal tables and chairs can also be spray painted with special metal-specific outdoor paint, so infinite color possibility exists with a small down payment of sweat equity. 

Umbrellas ($63) – After years of choosing solid colors that faded in the sunlight, I finally found some good striped umbrellas at Wal-Mart that have lasted three seasons so far without fading or tearing. That store isn’t exactly the paragon of quality and durability, so they’ve been an exception to the rule, but whatever works, right?

– A large storage box is crucial for keeping your couch pillows dry during rainstorms, plus they can double as a buffet table. Food and storage combined? Who doesn’t love that? Consider what function you’d like yours to serve and the height requirements when ordering. There are a wealth of different styles available. 

https://www.solostove.com/en-us/p/solo-stove-ranger– We chose the smallest Solo Stove in the line and absolutely love using it during spring and summer nights to extend our outdoor season. Sitting around a campfire is good any season, and this nifty device allows you peace of mind and creates a decent-sized fire. It really nails those Summer night vibes.

Plants (Variable)– For the finishing touch, I loaded up on inexpensive plants and a tropical tree at Ikea. I found the rest of my greenery at Trader Joes, but most home good or tools stores have a nursery section you can find awesome deals in. Ikea’s website actually has a great selection of plants and a sorting feature you can use to find the easiest varieties to maintain and grow in your patio or screened-in space.

I hope this guide helps you design a space that keeps on giving to you and your family this Summer! Have fun with designing it, and follow Fountain Mortgage each week for a new Homebody article as we explore the nuances of home, family, and better living!