Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission to lose license

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission.

The state of Kansas has begun the process of revoking the license of Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption shelter in Mission. The move is being carried out by the Kansas

The state of Kansas has begun the process of revoking the license of Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption shelter in Mission.

The move is being carried out by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Animal Facilities Inspection program and is based on an inspection last fall of the shelter at 5918 Broadmoor St.

More recently, the shelter has come under scrutiny after Fox 4 reported that multiple customers and former employees complained of conditions at the facility just off Johnson Drive, including “dog bowls full of cockroaches, injured or sick animals” and a pervading stench inside.

An October inspection turned up alleged violations

  • In a statement emailed to the Post Wednesday, Court T. Kennedy, an attorney representing Unleashed, said the state started the process of revoking the shelter’s license on Nov. 22 after several alleged violations were found during an Oct. 24 inspection.
  • Kennedy said the issues were related to “the facility and a handful of kennels that the inspectors felt did not have sufficient floorspace” but “had nothing to do with the animals’ being injured, ill or lacking veterinary care in any way.”
  • Unleashed had 68 dogs in its care at the time of the October inspection, and the shelter was not cited for spacing or overcrowding, Kennedy said.
  • A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture said they could not share details about Unleashed’s alleged violations or the ongoing investigation into the shelter.
A dog rescued from Hurricane Florence at Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission in 2018.
A dog at Unleashed in 2018 that had been saved from Hurricane Florence. File photo.

One dog’s skin irritation is also being looked at

  • In its statement, Unleashed also said one dog’s case of skin irritation that originated at the shelter is also being investigated by the state.
  • The dog had skin irritation from an anti-anxiety vest that an Unleashed employee put on the dog to help calm his anxiety and panting, the Unleashed statement said.
  • The shelter’s veterinarian concluded the skin irritation happened because the dog had drooled on the vest and the vest rubbed on his skin.
  • That incident, which was reported by Fox 4, occurred while the prior license revocation proceedings “were[already] pending,” according to Unleashed.

Read Unleashed’s full statement below.

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Animals will be relocated to other shelters

  • Heather Lansdowne with the Kansas Department of Agriculture said a plan to rehome all of the animals under Unleashed’s care would occur as part of the legal proceedings.
  • While details of the plan could change, Lansdowne said “all animals [would] go to a licensed facility.”
  • It’s not clear when that could happen, though Landsdowne said the state continues to investigate Unleashed based on new, additional complaints.
  • Landsdowne confirmed that once the shelter’s license is revoked, it would not stay open legally but could reapply for a new license in the future.

Unleashed’s building has maintenance issues

  • Mission City Administrator Laura Smith told the Post via email that the city is still working with Unleashed to review plans and issue a permit to fix the roof, which is currently covered with a tarp.
  • There is also a fence on the north side of the property in need of repair, Smith said.
  • Smith said the Mission Police Department is not currently investigating the animal shelter and the state is handling “anything of that nature.”

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