Featured Community Partner: Second Presbyterian Church

At Second Presbyterian Church, our new neighborhood front porch, growing number of community partnerships, and increased service opportunities are just a few of the ways our congregation has recommitted itself to serving our Kansas City neighbors. Today, we believe the need for a community like Second – one that displays greatness through service, admits mistakes, invites respectful dialogue and works for reconciliation and mutual edification is more important than ever.

When you visit Second, you’ll find a loving, thoughtful, inclusive community committed to advancing grace, love and justice in our world. Through worship, small groups, classes, family ministries, service opportunities and community engagement, Second provides opportunities for all people to find spiritual growth and meaningful relationships as part of a dynamic church family.

On Sundays, we offer a variety of worship experiences and gatherings to help us learn together and wrestle with God’s revelation in scripture, society and life. An intimate, early service is held at 8:45 a.m. in the Chapel; a larger, traditional service begins at 9:45 a.m. in the Sanctuary; and a new, informal gathering, The Common Room, meets at 10:45 a.m. in the Community Room. We hope you can join us, and more information is available at secondpres.org.

Featured Community Partner: Made in KC and Sandlot Goods

Made in KC and Sandlot Goods need your help to produce Face Masks for our healthcare providers and first responders. Donate Now to help a crowdsourced team of 100+ Kansas Citians sew double-layered, reusable cotton/ ripstop masks for just $1.50 / mask. The need is dire and only continues to grow. Hospitals, doctors offices, and first responders from around the metro are requesting this essential personal protective equipment. Help us fulfill the need and protect those on the front lines. This operation is designed for efficiency and volume with the potential of producing over 10,000 masks per week, but we need your help. Donate Now so we can purchase new materials. Go to www.sandlotgoods.com. Thank you.View Details >