Google Fiber cancels installation to some customers waiting for service, but re-opens signups in NEJC

Dan Blom - March 31, 2017 11:32 am
The Google Fiber building in Midtown.
The Google Fiber building in Midtown.

For some residents who have been waiting on Google Fiber to reach them with high-speed internet service after they signed up, the wait just got a bit longer. In fact, their deposits have been returned.

At the same time, Google Fiber announced it is restarting signups for customers in northeast Johnson County. In the past, some residents complained that they moved into a house that did not participate in the initial signup, and Google consequently would not hook them into the service. That apparently is changing. Google Fiber said residents who just moved into town or who missed the last sign-up deadline can now get the service.

That won’t apply, though, to those who have received cancellation notices from Google. The company returned their deposits and has said it is looking at “innovations in construction” that will make it possible to serve the houses.

Mission was one city where a few residents had received the notices. Google has been saying that construction challenges prevent reaching every household. Some customers who have been cancelled noted that houses nearby are receiving the service.

Google indicated it won’t be able to serve the customers who received cancellations in 2017 and it wanted to refund the deposit rather than make them wait for service. Those customers may want to move on to a different service rather than wait an indefinite period for Google.

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