2020FIT: Meet Certified CrossFit Trainer Jeremy Whiteford

Jay Senter - October 10, 2019 10:00 am
Jeremy Whiteford encourages clients to “enjoy every moment” in the gym and to keep learning.

For some people, that’s getting stronger. For some, it’s losing weight. For others it’s having more energy, or better endurance, or looking better in the mirror, or any of a range of other things.

The key to being able to deliver on this goal for our clients is having coaches who know what they’re talking about — who can identify problem spots, address potential weaknesses, improve form, and give nutrition advice.

That’s why we’ve assembled one of the most highly trained staffs of any gym in the metro area.

Take Jeremy Whiteford, 2020’s Program Director, for example. A Navy veteran, Jeremy joined us in July of 2015 with a strong background in fitness and nutrition — and he’s done nothing but add to his knowledge base since then. He joined with his CrossFit Level 1 and quickly achieved CrossFit Level 2 certification. And when he passed the Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer exam last year, he was the only coach in the KC metro area to have earned that distinction.

With such deep background, he’s a great resource for both new and longtime clients. More than anything, though, he encourages people to be patient and not rush the process.

“Take your time, enjoy the process and focus on getting the movements down first so the big weight can come later,” Whiteford advises new clients. “We all start somewhere so enjoy every moment and treat it as a learning experience to get better.”

He also loves showing people how much potential they have.

“I truly care about people and their ability to enjoy life without a physical limitation weighing them down, “Everyone has the ability to remove ‘I can’t’ from their vocabulary and I want to show them how any way that I can.”

To learn more about Coach Jeremy and his training, check out this podcast.

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