Posts by Roxie Hammill:

Financial impact of COVID-19 shutdowns on 2021 JoCo budget not as stark as initially projected

Johnson County Commission reaffirms decision to uphold face mask mandate on 4-3 vote

Overland Park council denies request for $3 million to fund specialists trained for de-escalating mental health calls

Overland Park approves new Makers’ Market to be held downtown on summer Saturdays

Cancellation of public safety meeting after revelation of severance payment to officer who killed teen leads to spat on OP council

Two on Overland Park council want answers about severance payment to officer who killed teen

With local cases rising, Johnson County Commission votes 4-2 to adhere to Gov. Kelly’s face mask mandate

Overland Park may end bulky item trash pick-up following 83% increase in cost

As local cases rise, Johnson County looks to stockpile 3 month supply of personal protective equipment

Johnson County guidelines would allow visitors at long-term care facilities, with several caveats

JoCo will spend estimated $850,000 to update Prairie Village building for Med-Act use

First responder hazard pay proposal won’t move forward in Overland Park city council

Johnson County board approves plan to invest in contact tracing, testing supplies, epidemiology staff for COVID-19

COVID-19 prompts discussion on revamping aging services for JoCo residents

Two on Johnson County commission say leaders must acknowledge racism in area’s past