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As COVID-19 surges, who in Kansas can tell you to wear a mask? It’s complicated

Kansas schools masks

Kansas schools drop mask rules, even as Delta variant drives COVID-19 resurgence — where JoCo districts stand

Sharice Davids redistricting

4 ways Republicans could redistrict Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids out of a job

Evergy power outages

Experts warn Kansas utilities could be targets of Colonial Pipeline-style cyber attack

SMSD YouTube

SMSD weighs options after YouTube flags district account for ‘medical misinformation’ over mask comments

Kansas Republican leaders end Gov. Kelly’s COVID-19 powers — here’s what it means

Vaccine hesitancy in Kansas is fading, except where it isn’t

Kansas offensive mascots

Kansas school districts find changing offensive mascots costs money

Kansas legislature 2021

From taxes to trans athletes — what happened (and didn’t) in Kansas legislature this year

Kansas vaccines

Half of Kansas counties turn down COVID-19 vaccines even though they’re far from herd immunity

medical marijuana Kansas

Medical marijuana could become legal in Kansas — but very hard to get

Kansas schools ventilation

Kansas schools are returning kids to in-person learning, but concerns over ventilation linger

Medical marijuana Kansas

Kansas lawmakers debate medical marijuana with tight rules in hopes of winning legalization

Kansas statehouse

Kansas legislative session starts with talk of unity, but fights over taxes and abortion loom

Johnson County kids vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are coming to Kansas nursing homes soon, but family visits likely remain months away