Your Insurance The top three things that keep insurance agents up at night

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Independent Insurance Agents have a focus on relationships, customer service and providing the best coverage for their valued clients. Like any profession or small business, there are a few things specific to their industry that they think about more than others. In this article, we’ll explore the top three things that can cause some sleepless nights for insurance agents.

  1. The weather
    Insurance agents sometimes jokingly consider themselves amateur meteorologists since they always have an eye out for severe weather in their area. If hail or windstorms hit, they need to be ready to mobilize their team and help respond to emergency customer calls, provide counsel, and help get claims started.
  2. Customers not having enough coverage
    There are varying levels of insurance coverage available to customers on the marketplace. Part of an insurance agents’ job is to counsel customers on those options so they can make an educated buying decision that fits within their budget. If a serious claim or injury happens, however, we always worry about our customers having enough coverage. We also work with a lot of difficult and sometimes anxiety producing claims such as house fires and major auto accidents where the policy may come close to the limits of insurance. When your independent insurance agent recommends increasing your policy limits, it’s usually because they’ve seen claims or scenarios that unfortunately have not had enough coverage.
  3. Competing with multi-billion-dollar ad budgets
    Large direct writers of insurance such as Geico and Progressive spend billions of dollars a year on advertising but they provide essentially the same insurance product. Instead of a local, trusted relationship, they offer either an app or a 1-800 number where you will never talk to the same person twice. In a marketplace where advertising is so prominent, it can be a challenge to stand out from those large insurance companies and connect with the customers to develop life-long relationships.

In conclusion, insurance agents face a myriad of challenges that can keep them up at night. Bad weather, serious claims and severe accidents can all cause some sleepless nights. To succeed in this demanding profession, agents must stay vigilant, adaptable, and committed to delivering the best possible service to their clients.

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