Your Community: Fall 2023 Guide is out next week

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that the Fall 2023 Guide will be available at all 14 locations next week. The Guide is your source for the latest Library information, inside you’ll find upcoming events and programs, service highlights, branch updates, Friends of Johnson County Library and Johnson County Library Foundation news. The Guide is published trimesterly in August (Fall), December (Spring) and April (Summer) and covers forthcoming events for the next four months.

Don’t miss these special features:

  • Courier Trucks’ New Artwork
  • InterLibrary Loan Treasures
  • Comprehensive Library Master Plan Progress Updates
  • Writers Conference Dates and Details
  • Skills-Based Volunteering Opportunities
  • Library Lets Loose
  • Why I Give: Erwin Abrams

The striking cover art for the Fall 2023 Guide is by Sol Anzorena. Currently dividing her time between Kansas City and her forest retreat in Upper Peninsula Michigan, Sol is an eco-friendly artist, muralist, musician and jewelry maker originally from Argentina. “My work centers principally around Nature and the restoration of harmony in our relationship to Her. So that my art remains consistent with my values, I employ eco-friendly, vegan and upcycled materials to make my pieces. In the act of making beautiful art, I believe we must not contaminate the very Earth which inspired that beauty.” Anzorena’s art on the cover of this issue are excerpts from her murals that will soon grace one of the Library courier trucks (see page 2 of the Fall Guide to learn more about this project). For more details on Anzorena, visit