This Roeland Park creek’s banks are eroding — Residents can do something to help

Roeland Park Cooper Creek park.

The Roeland Park City Council has approved nearly $50,000 to go towards preventing further erosion along Cooper Creek — and an engineering analysis to see what, if anything, else can be done to support these efforts. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

Some Roeland Park residents are being called upon to help check erosion along Cooper Creek, near one of the city’s main entry points.

The city council on Monday unanimously approved a nearly $50,000 agreement with a Missouri-based habitat restoration firm to work to prevent erosion — including planting native species along the banks of the creek that runs for about 900 feet between Roeland and Ash drives, just off Johnson Drive.

This comes after significant efforts have already been made to address erosion in the area and combat invasive plant species, as well.