Inside JCPRD: Heritage Park Lake project to address water quality and storage volume

Water levels in Heritage Park Lake were drawn down by 3.5 feet earlier this month in anticipation of a lake improvement project which will restore the 40+ year old lake to its original depth and storage capacity. The project will continue through 2023 and through most of 2024. Trails around the lake will be closed for the duration of the project.

By David Markham

In preparation for much-needed water quality and habitat improvements, JCPRD began drawing down water levels in Heritage Park on June 5 and reached the target level of 3.5 feet below the normal pool elevation earlier this week.

The lake project involves dredging sediments and native earthen materials from within the lake, as well as from about 1,500 feet of stream at the lake’s north end. The improvements also include removal of Black Bob Island, addition of deep water fish refuge areas near the north shoreline and along a new earthen embankment for increased habitat and recreation, and construction of a 10-acre sediment forebay and wetland area in the upper third of the lake to improve water quality within the lake.