The biggest projects north of I-435 on Overland Park’s next 5-year capital improvement plan

Overland Park is currently reviewing the city's list of major projects over the next five years, including a planned renovation of Young's Aquatic Center. File photo.

Street improvements, new traffic signals, a redesigned downtown farmers’ market and the renovation of Young’s Aquatic Center are just a few of the high-profile projects that could be store for northern Overland Park in the next five years.

Over the last several weeks, the Overland Park City Council and city staff have been reviewing the city’s next proposed five-year Capital Improvement Program, which forecasts future public improvements and new facilities in the city from 2024-2028.

Metcalf pedestrian tail, 83rd to 87th streets

  • Details: Construction of a bike/hike trail along Metcalf between 83rd and 87th streets.
  • Project timeline: 2024-27
  • Price tag: $2.8 million

Fire Station #41 reconstruction

  • Details: Project includes the demolition and reconstruction of Fire Station #41 near 75th Street and Conser, which includes the installation of solar panels to make the building more energy efficient.
  • Project timeline: Ongoing, set to finish next year
  • Price tag: $13.2 million

77th Street & Metcalf traffic signal

  • Details: Design and construct left turn lanes for northbound and southbound Metcalf Avenue at 77th Street and install traffic signals at the intersection,
  • Project timeline: 2024-27
  • Price tag: $9.9 million
Overland Park capital improvement
Digital rendering of the Overland Park Farmers’ Market. Image courtesy Copaken Brooks.

Overland Park Farmers’ Market

  • Details: Design and reconstruction of the farmers’ market in downtown Overland Park that also includes improvements to Overland Park Drive and the Clock Tower patio.
  • Project timeline: Design ongoing, construction could begin as early as next year
  • Price tag: $8.1 million

Young’s Aquatic Center Renovation

  • Details: Phase two of renovations to Young’s Aquatic Center, which is comprised of renovations to the youth pool area, refurbishment of the water slide and improvements to the parking lot, as well as an ADA ramp.
  • Project timeline: Ongoing, set to finish next year
  • Price tag: $870,000

Brookridge public street improvements

  • Details: Initial perimeter public street improvements as required by the Brookridge Redevelopment Agreement that includes widening of 103rd Street and Antioch Road, traffic signals, sidewalk and drainage improvements.
  • Project timeline: Ongoing, set to finish next year
  • Price tag: $13.5 million

Marty Park design and construction

  • Details: Design for improvements to Marty Park. Project includes engagement with residents regarding the amenities to be designed into the park.
  • Project timeline: Could wrap up as early as 2025
  • Price tag: $2.7 million

Downtown Overland Park wayfinding signage

  • Details: This project will add wayfinding signs to the area within an approximately 1 mile radius of downtown Overland Park. It will also tie in major trail locations nearby, recreation and economic activity centers, bicycle infrastructure and transit routes.
  • Project timeline: Ongoing, set to finish next year
  • Price tag: $300,000

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