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Homebody Eats: College Days Potstickers

Folding potstickers is one of those activities that is both challenging and highly rewarding, and they’re a really fun activity to do with loved ones. I made these potstickers all the time in college and have fond memories of them as a favorite cheap eat when I was college-poor. There’s something deeply satisfying about eating like a king (or queen!) when you don’t have much money, and I think that’s why I have such warm memories about dumplings in general.

My cheater folding method for potstickers makes little purses. This is the shape you want.

So here’s my personal recipe you can take into your own home and make memories with! If you’re a cook who doesn’t mind spending some time in the kitchen with some wine, these are for you. There are lots of variations, but this is my favorite way to do them. You can vary the spicy components and can buy premade wrappers at the store, but fresh dough is better tasting and more rewarding texturally.