Updates from Johnson County Community College: New year, new career – JCCC’s Career Development Center helps students land dream jobs

JCCC's Career Development Center is ready to help all students – current and former – discover themselves and prepare for a career.

With more than 100 one- and two-year degree and certificate programs at Johnson County Community College, it can be hard for a student to choose exactly which area of study will lead to a satisfying career. That’s why JCCC ensures our students are equipped with the tools they need to make career-minded decisions. Our Career Development Center can provide advice and resources at every step of a student’s educational journey, even after they graduate from JCCC.

The Career Development Center helps students discover themselves

Students can access the Career Development Center’s resources as soon as they enroll at JCCC — all they need is their ID number. At the Center, they can discover valuable personal insights through online career assessments, semester-long workshops and meetings with the Center’s staff.