Bridge to Fit: How to win 12 months of personal training

Would having a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and someone to hold you accountable to your goals help you get back to pre-covid shape?

We are GIVING AWAY 12 months of personal training and nutrition coaching for FREE to one lucky person.

All you have to do to enter is click here and fill out a simple application.

You should apply if:

  • You’re worried that your fitness level will prevent level will prevent you from being active and mobile with your children and/or grandchildren…
  • You’re just done with feeling tired all the time…
  • You’re over the fact that your body aches and every time you try to work out you get hurt…
  • You’re fed up with the struggle of fitting into the clothes you want…
  • You’re finally ready to take action and do something about this…


Here’s what you get if you’re selected:

  1. 52 Weeks of our Diamond Level Program, which Includes unlimited Personal Training and Metabolic Conditioning Classes
  2. Private personal training to oversee your fitness program, make sure it is perfect for you, keep you motivated, and help you stay injury free
  3. A private nutrition coach who will help you lose fat all 52 weeks and keep it off
  4. A private accountability coach to keep you on track the entire time


Only one person will be picked. So don’t miss out—fill out your application now!

P. S. Here are two ways we can help you find your sustainable solution to health and fitness without banging up your body in the process.

1. Get two weeks free of personal training

If you are ready to go and you want support and a plan that puts you in the best position to be successful,

Click Here For 2 Free Weeks of Personal Training 

2. Shoot us an email at for any fitness and health related questions. We would love to help.

BridgeFit is Overland Park’s Premier Personal Training Gym for ADULTS 35+. At BridgeFit we help busy adults lose weight, gain energy, and get strong… even if they are overwhelmed by their busy schedule, or haven’t found a solution that works long term. Find out more here.