Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village building new pickleball courts

Homestead Country Club pickleball court enclosure construction starts, skeleton of enclosure is up

Homestead Country Club appears to have started construction of its pickleball court enclosure — which the Prairie Village Planning Commission discussed several times over the last few years. Photo via Homestead Country Club Facebook page.

Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village is finally beginning some long-awaited construction that include new pickleball courts.

Why it matters: After years of proposals and planning, it appears an enclosed pickleball court is now in the works, according to images shared by the club on Facebook.

  • In its post, the club says that more updates on the progress of the construction will be available on social media in weeks to come.
  • Homestead Country Club officials did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

What they’re saying: “Exciting things are happening with construction this week at HCC,” the club wrote on Facebook. “Stay tuned for more updates.”

Where exactly:  The club is located at 4100 Homestead Court, just south of Indian Hills Middle School off Mission Road in Prairie Village.

Background on Homestead pickleball project

The city planning commission discussed plans for the new enclosed structure several times over the last three years, and concerns over noise and lighting at night led to last-minute changes to the proposed site plans.

  • After Homestead addressed neighbors’ concerns, the planning commission sent plans back to the drawing board because the pickleball enclosure and other changes weren’t included in the initial plan.
  • At that time, in November 2021, the planning commission asked Homestead to return with additional information.
  • The planning commission ultimately approved construction of the country club’s proposed pickleball enclosure and pool deck roof in January.
Homestead Country Club progress on pickleball court enclosure
Early progress on the pickleball court enclosure. Photo via Homestead Country Club Faebook page.

The details: The pickleball enclosure is being constructed between the clubhouse, the accessory storage building and the tennis enclosure.

  • Upon completion, it will be more than 24 feet tall at its peak and made from materials similar to that of the club’s tennis enclosure.
  • The pool deck roof will be metal with painted steel posts and will be 72 feet by 50 feet when completed.