Your Insurance: The $20 home purchase that could save you thousands of dollars

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In this week’s article, we’ll talk about one extremely cost-effective way to reduce your odds of experiencing a homeowner’s insurance claim. Simply replacing your washing machine hoses with new, stainless-steel hoses may save you thousands of dollars and help avoid the trauma of having a water related claim. 

A few key facts related to water damage claims and your homeowner’s insurance

    • Washing machines are now more conveniently located in upstairs areas where the potential for more and costlier damage is much higher. 
  • The average homeowner’s claim for water damage and or freezing was most recently reported as $11,650 by the Insurance Information Institute. (
  • Even if your homeowner’s policy pays for the resulting water damage from a burst hose, the homeowner would still be responsible for the deductible which could be $1,500 or higher. 
  • Every insurance carrier on the market may increase a homeowner’s insurance premiums as the result of a water damage claim. Most companies use a five-year period for evaluating loss history. 

What can I do to prevent a washing machine hose from bursting and causing water damage?

Look behind your washing machine. If you see a black rubber hose that looks like the picture below, consider replacing it with stainless steel braided hoses instead. The black rubber hoses are more prone to bursting and causing significant water damage. Life expectancy for these hoses is also only 8-9 years.

Do a quick search on Amazon or a home improvement store for “Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses”.  Look for a stainless-steel hose that has an elbow built in to prevent the hose from becoming bent or kinked. A two-pack of hoses usually runs about $20. 

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