Leawood Foundation raising funds for permanent restrooms on city trails

The Leawood Foundation is working to raise funds for permanent restrooms along the city's trail system, which have only had portable restrooms since it was constructed. Above, residents using the trail on Wednesday afternoon. Photo by Lucie Krisman.

The Leawood Foundation, an organization that funds city amenities that might not be funded by tax dollars, is working to add public restrooms along the city’s trail system.

Project details: As one of the organization’s 2022 initiatives, the foundation has begun raising funds to build permanent restrooms along city trails.

  • The foundation appears to focus specifically on adding restrooms along the Tomahawk Creek Trail first, with plans for a permanent restroom adjacent to the north lake.
  • The design includes a men’s restroom, women’s restroom, family restroom, a bike rack and a drinking fountain.
  • The total estimated cost for the project is $375,000 — which includes costs for construction, site work and utility work.

Why it matters: The Tomahawk Creek Trail has not had a permanent restroom since it was constructed in the 1980s.

  • The new restrooms would replace the non-flush portable restrooms that have previously been used on the trail.
  • The city contributed $100,000 toward the project, with the Leawood Foundation and community donations making up the additional $275,000.
  • This also comes as Leawood’s long-term ‘Self-Propelled Leawood’ pedestrian and bicycle master plan continues — which includes construction of a new trail connecting to Tomahawk Creek Parkway, to be completed later this year.

What’s next: The Leawood Foundation did not immediately confirm the construction timeline for the restrooms, but previously published plans about the project estimated a summer 2022 completion date.

  • The design for the first public restroom will probably be used for future restroom locations along the trail system, according to early Leawood Foundation discussions of the project at previous meetings.