Johnson Drive in downtown Mission will soon reopen fully with 3 lanes instead of 4

Mission Johnson Drive

Johnson Drive through downtown Mission is being reduced from four lanes to three in a move aimed at improving walkability and pedestrian safety. Photo credit Bek Shackelford-Nwanganga.

A major facelift of Johnson Drive through downtown Mission that began earlier this summer should be completed in the coming weeks, leaving the roadway with three lanes instead of four.

Background: The cities of Roeland Park and Mission partnered for the improvements to Johnson Drive between Lamar and Roe avenues, and work began in mid-July. 

  • Mission city officials say the last time Johnson Drive had a major upgrade like this was in 2014.

What’s new: The improvements are focused mainly on improving walkability and pedestrian safety along the busy stretch of road in the heart of Mission’s commercial district, as well as general upkeep.

  • The centerpiece of the work is a reduction of Johnson Drive from four lanes down to three between Nall and Lamar avenues.
  • The new lane configuration will have a driving lane in both directions and a turning lane in the middle, a move aimed at keeping pedestrians in Mission’s downtown area safe while crossing Johnson Drive.

What else: Other changes drivers may notice include:

  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Pavement and median updates
  • Sidewalk and parking improvements, including a new sidewalk north of Johnson Drive in Roeland Park
  • And curb and gutter replacements in some places

What’s next for Johnson Drive project

Mission Johnson Drive
Johnson Drive through downtown Mission looking west towards Lamar Avenue. Photo credit Bek Shackelford-Nwanganga.

All the improvements, except for final pavement striping, are nearing completion, according to city officials.

  • Assistant City Administrator for the City of Mission Emily Randel says striping the road to mark the new three lanes will likely start this week, and the project overall should be “principally complete” by Friday, September 16.
  • Randel asks drivers to keep an eye out for roadwork signage and contractor vehicles.
  • She added the roadway will most likely be reduced to one lane during striping, so drivers will have to maneuver around workers.