Bridge to Fit: How to overcome the “I will start next Monday” fat loss plan

“I will start next Monday ” is a phrase I commonly hear from people who are looking to start their fitness journey that led them to inaction. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make with their health and fitness.

The are two common ways people start the “I will start next Monday” fat loss plan.

1. One day you get off track. Then that becomes two then three days. Then you get to the point where you say “I will start next Monday”. Then you get off track. It’s hard once you are off track to get back on.

2. You are looking to start your fitness and health journey and you say “I will start next Monday”. Then it becomes the next Monday. Oftentimes this leads to never starting.

Is this you? If so, you’re not alone. I would say 90% plus of the people I have worked with have experienced this at some point in their life.

You can overcome this. When you do, your future self will thank you for it.

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The “I will start next Monday plan” leads to stress, anxiety, not sticking with habits/plan, and ultimately not reaching your goals.

To fight the urge to do the “I will start next Monday fat loss plan” below are 6 ways to OVERCOME this.

1. Take each day one at a time. One day won’t kill you but waiting 4 days until Monday can have a huge negative impact on your goals.

2. Focus On PROGRESS Over PERFECTION. Just ACTION. Perfectionism often leads to inaction.

3. Your fitness journey will not be a perfect linear progression. There will be ups and downs. Focus on if you’re trending upwards.

4. Learn from your mistakes – You will mess up AND THAT IS OKAY. Anytime you’re starting a new plan or habit. Your goal shouldn’t be to just do it. The real secret is making the plan and/or habit as easy as possible so it’s sustainable long term.


6. GET A COACH  – Working with a coach should fast track your success. One reason for this is we all like doing what we are good at, but it’s often the things we don’t want to do that will get us to our goals. This is one reason why I believe everyone needs a coach.

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