Johnson County back at ‘low’ risk for COVID-19 — ‘We have seen some plateaus’

Johnson County has dropped from "high" to "low" risk levels for COVID-19 spread in just a week, marking a potential decrease for the Kansas City metro area as a whole. File photo.

COVID-19 case numbers are down in Johnson County, moving the county back from “high” to “low” community spread risk levels in the span of a week.

Where are cases now? The most recent county data shows a 23% positivity rate for COVID-19 as of Aug. 6.

  • In the past seven days, there has been an incidence rate of 170 new cases.
  • Roughly 76% of vaccine-eligible Johnson Countians have now received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and roughly 67% have received both doses.

Bigger picture: Public health officials say Johnson County’s drop in COVID-19 cases marks the potential beginning of a drop in cases throughout the Kansas City metro area.

  • Wyandotte County also saw a decrease in cases over the past week, dropping from the “high” risk category to “medium” risk for community spread.
  • Clay and Platte counties currently remain at “medium” levels, and Jackson County remains at a “high” level.
  • Within the University of Kansas Health System, there are 28 active cases.
  • Four of those cases are in the ICU,  one is on a ventilator, and 21 of those patients are recovering.

In their own words: “I think we have really seen some plateaus for cases that are accounted for, but also, kind of still a slight increase in hospitalizations over this past week,” said medical director Dr. Dana Hawkinson during Friday’s news briefing. “Hopefully the overall cases and the circulation of [the] virus is going to decrease, and that way hospitalizations will end up following that as well.”