Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: When to DIY and when to hire experts for your home projects

While doing it yourself can be rewarding and save you money, there are instances when projects are better left to the pros.

If you are a homeowner, there is a good chance that you have had to contemplate tackling a home improvement project or 10 over the years! When faced with the prospect of making updates yourself or leaving the project to the professionals, it is important to consider several factors. After all, your home is much more than just a structure with four walls, so care and consideration need to remain top of mind.

Contemplating cost

The most common reason that homeowners want to DIY is – you guessed it – the cost. Doing it yourself will more than likely save you some serious dough. But there are certain instances when taking on a project is not always the smartest choice. If you do not possess the skillset or own the tools needed to complete a project correctly, the results can be catastrophic. You may end up paying more than if you just hired it out in the first place.

Safety is priority 1

The most important factor to consider with any home improvement project is safety. You need to evaluate whether the project can be completed safely – whether it is being handled by you or by someone that you hire. If you want to go the DIY route, it is also imperative that you assess your skillset. Take the time to research the project and the necessary skillset needed to complete the project safely. Any questionable task should be evaluated by a trained professional prior to beginning the project.

Is time on your side?

Another topic to consider is the all-important subject of time. If you are set on doing the project yourself, an honest assessment of your schedule is a must. Can you devote the time to training effectively and complete the project in a timely manner? Remember, some projects are contingent on seasonality, so your schedule matters!

Popular DIY projects and those to stay away from!

Seasonal home maintenance and cosmetic updates are some projects that can be done yourself. The resources for such projects are endless – from books with step-by-step guides to countless online instructional videos created by the experts themselves. Examples include landscaping, indoor and outdoor painting, installing tile and flooring, and gutter maintenance. Conversely, experts agree that anything involving plumbing, heating and electrical be left to specialists. Reputable contractors have insurance and typically offer a warranty for their work. In turn, you have the assurance that if they make a mistake, they handle the cost of fixing the problem.

Cost, time and skillset should all be considered when making important updates to your home. While doing it yourself can be rewarding and save you money, there are instances when projects are better left to the pros.

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