JoCo Sheriff still casting doubt on 2020 elections — without offering evidence of fraud or interference

Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden, pictured above in a file photo, is still publicly sharing his doubts about the integrity of the 2020 elections. File photo.

No charges have been filed or public accusations made in Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden’s ongoing investigation into the integrity of the 2020 elections. But Hayden has continued to cast doubt on the conduct of county elections, most recently suggesting “corruption” in an election process that he says is “just not smelling right.”

Hayden caught local attention in March when he told an audience at a conservative club meeting that he had dedicated part of an information tech employee’s time, paid for by the county, into checking accusations over the election process. Specifically, he questioned voter registration numbers that showed a surge in Democratic voters, as well as the security of drop boxes and oversight of election workers.

No more specific issues have been raised in the ensuing three months. But two weeks ago, Hayden made similar assertions to another conservative group at a meeting in Olathe.