Updates from Johnson County Community College: Leading the way in sustainability

JCCC’s Center for Sustainability holds yearly recycling events to help educate students in an effort to become a 100% zero-waste-to-landfill campus by 2025.

Johnson County Community College is committed to being environmentally, socially and economically responsible, an achievement that would be impossible without the efforts of the team in our Center for Sustainability. Their focus on energy saving initiatives, recycling programs and curriculum development continues to propel JCCC to a national reputation for excellence in sustainability. 

Campus commitment to sustainability  

Established in January 2009, JCCC’s Center for Sustainability has made lasting changes to reduce our campus carbon footprint. Research proves that initiatives like these resonate with students applying to colleges. The Princeton Review’s 2022 College Hopes & Worries Survey shows that 74% of college-bound teens say a college’s environmental commitment affects their decision to attend that school. 

We know that our students place a high priority on sustainable practices. In fact, the most recent Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction survey shows that JCCC students are proud of the College’s sustainability efforts. For example, statements like “JCCC encourages critical thinking about sustainability issues” and “JCCC offers sufficient recycling and composting resources for students” received high rankings from survey participants. 

JCCC’s Center for Sustainability continues to transition campus to become more ecofriendly. Goals their working toward? To become a zero-waste-to-landfill campus by 2025 and a 100% renewable-energy campus by 2050. 

“JCCC’s advances in sustainability enrich every aspect of our campus and provide useful tools as we foster student and organizational preparation for a rapidly changing world,” JCCC President Andy Bowne said.

Student involvement opportunities 

Many of our campus sustainability projects are informed, funded and executed by the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC). Since its creation in 2009, the SSC has played a major role in many aspects of campus culture, operations and community. Through the years, campus projects implemented by the committee have helped JCCC save millions of dollars on energy costs and reusable materials. 

The SSC has spearheaded a variety of projects, including: 

  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations around campus and a parking canopy outside of the Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy. 
  • Providing equipment and irrigation improvements to the College’s 2.5-acre Open Petal Farm
  • Working on making campus more bee-friendly by planting native wildflower areas. 
  • Providing vegan and vegetarian food options at recent campus events.
  • Raising student scholarship funds. 

The Committee’s efforts were noticed in 2021. The American College Personnel Association (ACPA) awarded them a Champion of Sustainability award.

Keep up with the Center for Sustainability 

JCCC is developing even more resilient systems around sustainability that will endure into the future. View more information, reporting dashboards and additional sustainability plans on the Center for Sustainability website