Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: Appealing to post-pandemic buyers

In this post-pandemic world, buyer must-haves may look differently than they did in 2019.

It’s no secret that the pandemic totally changed many aspects of our lives. A large percentage of Americans now work in hybrid or remote settings. Homeowners began to put much more thought into the location of their home, faced with the prospect of spending ample time in it. As pandemic concerns begin to dissipate across America, more buyers are entering the market after putting their plans on hold for the last two-plus years. First-time home buyers and those looking to upgrade their homes are keeping the prices of houses, condos and apartments competitive, a trend that is being seen across the country.

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, then this is an excellent opportunity to maximize the sale price with some well thought out improvements. If prospective buyers can envision themselves unlocking home in your property, then you’ve won half the battle. Knowing what buyers are looking for is essential to obtaining a higher ROI from your property upgrades. In this post-pandemic world, buyer must-haves may look differently than they did in 2019. So here are four post-pandemic home improvement ideas to maximize buyer demand for your property.

That’s Entertainment
Upgrading your outdoor space will enhance the appeal of your property. Buyers will love the idea of being able to entertain friends and family in an inviting, outdoor setting. Even minor improvements can make a world of difference!

Utilitarian At-Home Workspaces
Notice that I didn’t say home office! The reality for a lot of families is that they desire a space that can double as a home office or even as a classroom. Adding this functionality to your home is a definite value add.

Privacy, Please
While open floor plans continue to be popular, many buyers want to pair this design aesthetic to include some private spaces. We are all aware that trying to work from home with typical distractions can be difficult. If you can find a way to incorporate some existing spaces into quiet areas, it is sure to entice buyers.

Get Your Fit On
The pandemic has caused some hesitancy – especially in certain vulnerable populations – to head back to the gym. Although always value ads, the pandemic has resulted in home gym setups becoming even more sought after. If your home does not currently have a designated area for this feature, consider adding it to a home office space or basement.

The word from health professionals seems to be that COVID-19 is here to stay. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, if you would like assistance navigating the real estate waters in our post-pandemic world, I would love to help!

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