Looking to shoot off some Independence Day fireworks? Here’s where it’s allowed in JoCo

The Post has compiled a list of rules each Johnson County city has in place regarding the fireworks, including Shawnee's recently loosened regulations. File photo.

Correction: Roeland Park only allows the shooting of certain novelty items, like sparklers and snakes, for a certain time period on July 4. An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the city allows fireworks, too.

As hard as it might be to believe, Independence Day is just around the corner, and with the national holiday comes the tradition of shooting off some fireworks.

However, with each city in Johnson County having different rules and regulations, the Post decided to put together a list of what types of fireworks are legal in each township.

Below is a look into each city’s rules with the pyrotechnics, including Shawnee’s recently-loosened regulations.

Overland Park

The city of Overland Park prohibits the use of “any device that produces a visible or audible effect through combustion or detonation,” according to the city’s website.

  • This includes sparklers, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets and roman candles.
  • City ordinance allows the use of snappers, snakes, toy pistols, or canes with caps.
  • Individuals found to be in violation of the anti-fireworks ordinance are subject to a $500 citation.


In order to “prevent damages to property, reduce burn injuries and protect lives,” fireworks, including sparklers, are prohibited within the city of Lenexa, according to the city’s website.

  • However, caps and snakes are allowed by the city.
  • Any person in violation of the city’s firework policies can be found guilty of a misdemeanor under Lenexa city code.


The city now allows residents to light other fireworks from July 3-4 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. after the city council recently loosened city rules on pyrotechnics.

  • Bottle rockets, sky lanterns and M80s are still prohibited, with the penalty for violation being $100.

Prairie Village

Per city codes, it is illegal to “keep, store, display for sale, fire, discharge or explode any fireworks.”

  • Some toy paper caps and other devices that contain less than “.25 of a grain of explosive composition” are allowed.
  • The penalty is a mandatory court appearance with a fine amount determined by the judge.

Roeland Park

Roeland Park’s website says you can use only certain kinds of “novelty” items — including wire sparklers, novelty snakes, snappers, novelty smoke devices and cone fountains — between noon and 10 p.m. on July 4.

  • These items are not allowed to be set off in the streets or any private property, such as school parking lots.
  • Bottle rockets or fireworks that are shot into the air are not allowed.


Fireworks are not allowed within Merriam’s city limits, a recent on the city’s official Facebook page says.

  • Fines can reach up to $500 for individuals who break the rules.


No one can sell, possess, use, explode or discharge any fireworks except for supervised public exhibitions or displays, per city code.

Fairway Fireworks of all kinds, including roman candles and sparklers, are prohibited within city limits, according to city code.

  • Additionally, the selling or possession of fireworks is illegal.
  • Anyone who violates city code regarding fireworks could be fined up to $500.


Like other cities in the area, Leawood has adopted the international fire code, which limits the purchase, possession and selling of all fireworks and related pyrotechnics.

  • Noncompliance with the local ordinance could result in a fine of up to $1,000, city code says.