Updates from Johnson County Community College: Offering specialized English courses for professionals

JCCC’s English courses will help you sharpen your writing, editing, revision and communication skills. Whether you’re a freshman learning the basics or a working professional looking to switch careers, we have the classes for you.

JCCC’s English Department courses help students become better communicators, professional writers and well-rounded readers – qualities that apply to all professions. Starting this upcoming fall semester, we’re introducing several new English courses for local professionals wanting to hone their writing skills beyond the basics.

Courses for the working professional

Clear, concise and professional communication is key to success in most careers. In fact, corporations like Google and Facebook are now placing a higher emphasis on these “soft skills” instead of focusing mainly on “hard skills” like technical knowledge and training. Many of JCCC’s English courses meet a variety of needs for working adults wanting to fine-tune their written communication skills.

Several of our new English offerings are self-paced classes, allowing a student the flexibility to start and complete the course at their own pace. These classes cover topics including:

  • English Grammar Review
  • Sentences and Punctuation
  • Composing Skills
  • Revision and Proofreading
  • Writing for Research

Students can also choose from new specialized writing courses taught in various formats, including in-person and online, that cover unique topics like:

  • Technical writing
  • Digital narratives
  • Advanced Composition
  • Grant writing

Benefits of attending JCCC

In addition to receiving key workplace skills, there are multiple personal benefits of attending JCCC. We partner with over 60 colleges and universities to provide students the chance to transfer their JCCC credits to another institution smoothly. The best part is that students can get a head start on their bachelor’s degree at JCCC for a fraction of the cost at a four-year institution.

For added flexibility, we offer classes that start as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. to fit any busy schedule. Short-term classes that start mid-semester are also available and offer an accelerated alternative to a standard 16-week course

At JCCC, support services are available as soon as a student applies. Counselors provide information and advice on class schedules, deciding on a major, managing time and more. When it comes to homework help and test preparation, our state-of-the-art Academic Resource Center is a one-stop shop for free tutoring and specialized class assistance.

Take the next step

JCCC is proud to offer some of the most dynamic curriculum programs in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Let JCCC set the foundation for your education – and career – journey. Learn more about our expanded English department offerings and apply today!