What do you want the candidates to be talking about as they compete for votes? 🗳️

On August 2, Johnson County voters will head to the polls to cast ballots in primary races that will set the course for the general elections this fall.

As we’ve done for more than a decade now, we’ll be asking the candidates seeking to represent Johnson Countians in office — making decisions about how their tax dollars are used, what powers local and state governments exercise, and where our community will head in the coming years — about the issues YOU want to hear them discuss as they compete for your support.

Key Takeaways

• We’re asking Johnson County residents what they want to hear the candidates running for county commission and the state House of Representatives talk about ahead of the August primary.

• You can email us here. Or Tweet us here. Or send us a message on Facebook here.

• We’ll use your input to put together questionnaires that we’ll ask the candidates to answer. We’ll publish their responses ahead of the start of voting next month.

This “Citizens Agenda” approach to campaign coverage seeks to center the interests of everyday voters — not political parties, power brokers or journalists.

“When we ask people about what they want to hear candidates talking about, we find it’s almost never the kinds of things that dominate discussion on cable news or talk radio,” said Post publisher Jay Senter. “These candidates want the job of representing you, of being your voice in the rooms where big decisions get made about where the state and county are heading. We think it’s our job to get the candidates talking about the things people say matter most to them.”

So: What do you want the candidates to be talking about as they compete for votes?

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We’ll use your input to develop questionnaires for the candidates on the primary ballots, which we’ll publish ahead of the start of advanced voting next month.

What races are on the primary ballot?

The top race on the primary ballot will be for Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Chair, where the following four candidates are seeking to succeed Ed Eilert, who is not seeking reelection after three terms in office:

  • Charlotte O’Hara, currently county commissioner
  • Ken Selzer, former Kansas Insurance Commissioner
  • Mike Kelly, current Roeland Park mayor
  • Shirley Allenbrand, current county commissioner

Two challengers have filed against current District 5 County Commissioner Michael Ashcraft, triggering a primary for that seat, as well:

  • Michael Ashcraft, incumbent
  • Scott Callaway
  • Stephanie Suzanne Berland

Additionally, we’ll be asking questions of the candidates for the Kansas House of Representatives in the following primary races:

  • House District 14 (parts of Lenexa, Shawnee and Olathe): Democratic primary, seat is currently held by Republican Charlotte Esau
  • House District 17 (parts of Lake Quivira, Lenexa and Shawnee): Republican primary, seat is currently held by Democrat Jo Ella Hoye
  • House District 19 (parts of Leawood, Overland Park and Prairie Village): Republican primary, seat is currently held by Democrat Stephanie Sawyer Clayton
  • House District 30 (parts of Lenexa and Olathe): Democratic primary. No incumbent
  • House District 117 (part of Shawnee): Republican primary. No incumbent