Obituary: Robert McKnight, 75, JoCo political consultant with ‘entrepreneurial spirit’

"He worked for others, but all knew that he really excelled at being his own best employee."

Robert L. McKnight, “Rob,” never a baseball fan, slid into home base after a poor start to the season, with his family patiently waiting for the game to end on his terms.

A proud son of Wichita, Rob was born there to Philip Charles and Margaret McClymonds McKnight on February 23, 1947. Rob’s father was advertising director for Beech Aircraft and his mother was the consummate homemaker, even taking a job teaching young marrieds how to use new-fangled electrical appliances. Rob was the middle child; make of that what you will. Older brother Phil (Lawrence) and younger sister Susan (Wichita) have remained a tight-knit group, even though they have never lived in the same place as adults.