The filing deadline has passed for August 2 primary elections – Here’s who will be on JoCo ballot

Johnson County election guide

Here is a look into the candidates that will appear on the ballot for the upcoming 2022 Kansas primary election. File photo.

Friday was the filing deadline for Congressional and statehouse candidates in Kansas.

Below is a look into rules for voting in Kansas’ partisan primary elections and all the candidates who could appear on your local Johnson County ballot for the primary election on August 2:

Rules for voting: For a primary election in Kansas, voters can cast ballots only in partisan primary contests within the party they’ve registered for at least 21 days prior to the election.

  • A person registered to vote but not affiliated with any political party may choose to affiliate with a certain party on Election Day at the polling place in order to cast a vote in a partisan primary.
  • Also, this August, all registered voters can vote on an abortion-related amendment that will appear on the ballot, regardless of their party affiliation. Voters do not need to register with a party to vote on the abortion item and can vote on that question without casting ballots in partisan contests.
  • A person affiliated with one of the minor political parties recognized in Kansas is not eligible to vote in the primary election for partisan contests but is eligible to vote on nonpartisan questions, like the abortion amendment.
  • A full list of rules for voting in partisan primary elections can be found here.

Here are the candidates who have filed to run in local, state and federal contests:

U.S. Senate

  • Incumbent Republican Jerry Moran, who has been in office since 2011, will be going against pre-legislation consultant Joan Farr for the Republican primary.
  • There are several people running on the Democratic: Mike Andra, Paul Buskirk, Mark Holland, Robert Klingenberg, Michael Soetaert and Patrick Wiesner.

U.S. Representative (3rd District)

  • Incumbent Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids is unopposed within her own party and will not face a challenge for the August 2 primary.
  • For Republicans, former chairwoman of the Kansas GOP Amanda Adkins is running to take on Davids again, whom she lost to in 2020, and will face U.S. combat veteran John McCaughrean of Kansas City, Kansas, for the GOP nomination.

Governor/Lieutenant Governor

  • Current Governor Laura Kelly and Lieutenant Governor David Toland will face a Democratic primary challenge from Richard Karnowski and Barry Franco.
  • For Republicans, Aryln Briggs and Lance Berland will go against current state Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Katie Sawyer to win a spot on the ballot for the general election.

Secretary of State

  • Current Secretary of State Scott Schwab, a Republican and Johnson Countian, is facing a primary challenge from former Johnson County commissioner Mike Brown.
  • Jeanna Repass, a self-described “football mom” and community advocate from Overland Park, is the only Democratic candidate to file for that statewide office and will be unopposed in the August 2 primary.

Attorney General

  • Candidate Chris Mann is running unopposed for the Democratic Party.
  • The Republican field for this office includes Leawood state Sen. Kellie Warren, former Secretary of State Kris Kobach and retired federal prosecutor Tony Mattivi.

State Treasurer

  • Incumbent Lynn Rogers will run unopposed on Aug. 2 as he is the only Democrat running for the position this year.
  • For the Republicans, current state Rep. Steven Johnson is vying against current state Sen. Caryn Tyson.

Commissioner of Insurance

  • Incumbent Republican Vicki Schmidt is unopposed for this upcoming election and so is Democratic candidate Kiel Corkran. They will face each other in November’s general election.

Kansas Representatives

  • HD 8: Both Republican incumbent Chris Croft and Democratic challenger Pam Shernuk are running unopposed for the primary and will face of in November’s general election.
  • HD 14: Incumbent Charlotte Esau is the sole Republican running for this district, while on the Democratic side, Dennis Miller will face Matt Maciel to see who will advance to November.
  • HD 16: Incumbent Linda Featherston is the only Democrat candidate on the ballot, while Ed Roitz is the only Republican, so the two will face each other in November.
  • HD 17: Incumbent Democratic Rep. Jo Ella Hoye is not facing an internal party challenge. On the Republican side, one-time USD 232 school board candidate Emily Carpenter will face Max Langston for the Republican candidacy this August.
  • HD 18:  Both the Democratic incumbent Cindy Neighbor and Republican candidate Cathy Gordon are unopposed for this election and will face each other in November.
  • HD 19: Incumbent Democratic Rep. Stephanie Clayton is unopposed for August’s primary, while candidates Mark Tallent and Nicholas Reddell will be vying against each other for the Republican nomination.
  • HD 20: Democratic incumbent Mari-Lynn Poskin is unopposed within her own party, while Carrie Rahfaldt is the only one running for the Republican candidacy, so the two will face each other in November.
  • HD 21: Democratic incumbent Jerry Stogsdill is running unopposed for district 21 with no Republican challenger.
  • HD 22: Democratic incumbent Lindsay Vaughn and Republican challenger Robert Colburn are both unopposed within their own parties and will face each other in November.
  • HD 23: Democratic incumbent Rep. Susan Ruiz will be the only candidate on the ballot for this district in August, as no Republicans or Democrats have filed to challenge her.
  • HD 24: Rep. Jarrod Ousley, another Democratic incumbent, is the only person vying for the position in this district, with nobody else having filed.
  • HD 25: Democratic Rep. Rui Xu is running unopposed for this district in August, with nobody else having filed, and will face no challenger in November.
  • HD 27: Both the Republican incumbent Rep. Sean Tarwater and Democratic challenger Christi Pribula are running unopposed for the primary and will face each other in November.
  • HD 28: For this district, neither Republican incumbent Rep. Carl Turner and Democratic challenger Ace Allen are facing opposition for the primary, so they will face each other in November.
  • HD 29: Democratic incumbent Rep. Heather Meyer, who was appointed to the seat when it was vacated by Brett Parker last year, is not facing a primary hallenge. Republican candidate David Soffer is also running alone in his party.
  • HD 30: Candidate Laura Williams is the sole Republican running for this newly created district, while Courtney Eiterich will face Scott Perkins for the Democrat nomination.
  • HD 39: Incumbent republican Rep. Owen Donohoe will face no GOP opponent in August. Democrat Vanessa Vaughn West is also the sole person in her party to file, setting up a general election contest with Donohoe in November.
  • HD 48: Incumbent Rep. Dan Osman, who was appointed to the seat last year, is the only Democratic candidate on the ballot, while Terry Frederick is the only Republican, so the two will face each other in November.

State Board of Education

  • Republican Incumbent boar member Michelle Dombrosky is running opposed within the GOP. She will be challenged by Democrat Shiela Albers, a Blue Valley educator and police reform advocate, who is running without opposition within her party in August.

County Commissioner

  • Four candidates vying in the open primary for the commission chair position being opened up by the retirement of Ed Eilert include: current 3rd District Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara, former state Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer, current Mayor of Roeland Park Mike Kelly and current 6th District Commissioner Shirley Allenbrand.
  • Current 5th District Commissioner Michael Ashcraft is running for reelection and is being challenged in the August 2 primary by Scott Callaway and Stephanie Suzanne Berland.