DOP Donuts in Overland Park warns it could close if city doesn’t renew special use permit

Downtown Overland Park donut shop DOP Donuts has said it may soon close if the city does not renew its special use permit for a donut truck. File photo.

DOP Donuts, which sells freshly made donuts each weekend out of an Airstream trailer in downtown Overland Park, says it may have to close up shop if the city goes through with not renewing the store’s special use permit, which was originally approved in 2019. 

What’s going on? DOP officials say the issue stems from DOP not moving its trailer behind a neighboring building when its closed, which is Monday through Thursday, according to its website. 

  • According to a recent Facebook post, the donut shop says city staff is not in favor of renewing DOP’s special use permit since not moving the trailer violates a stipulation of the store’s original special use permit, which was granted before the shop opened at 7512 80th Street in 2020.
  • “We comply with all other stipulations,” the company wrote in its post. “We have tried everything in our power to work with the City of OP, but we just cannot come to an agreement.”

What the city says: According to city staff, the store’s special use permit was originally approved as a “creative use” to test whether the mobile unit would provide more regular food sales from the same location. 

  • City communications manager Meg Ralph said the permit was approved under the condition that the trailer be moved out of sight from 80th Street during the weekdays when DOP was not open.
  • She said this would ensure the trailer was a mobile unit and not a permanent structure, which would require it to follow building code requirements like ADA accessibility modifications and public restroom access.

What’s next: The renewal of DOP Donuts’ special use permit for its food truck will come up for a vote before the city’s Planning Commission on Monday. 

  • For its part, DOP has encouraged customers to email city staff and the planning commission and show up at Monday’s meeting in support of DOP having its special use permit renewed.
  • Even then, that won’t be the end: following the Planning Commission’s decision, the City Council will have the final say on whether the special use permit gets reapproved.