Overland Park committee approves city-county partnership for fire station use

At last night's meeting, Overland Park's Public Safety Committee approved an agreement that would allow emergency service center Johnson County Med-Act to use four of the city's fire stations. Image from city of Overland Park website.

Plans for continued sharing of fire and medical resources between Overland Park and Johnson County moved forward last night.

At this month’s meeting, Overland Park’s Public Safety Committee unanimously approved four respective lease agreements allowing the Overland Park Fire Department to share resources with the Johnson County Med-Act emergency service center.

What would be shared: Under the agreement, the fire department and the county would share use of Fire Stations 2, 3, 4 and 5.

In exchange, the county would pay $12 for each square foot of the space it occupied in each station to cover operating and utility costs.

Timeline: This new agreement would be good for 10 years.

Prior to this agreement, Johnson County Med-Act and OPFD shared five of the city’s fire stations and a sixth in Merriam.

This partnership agreement began in 1987 and ended last year.

It included the sharing of facility space, personnel costs, equipment costs and transport revenue from ambulance use.

Price tag: Johnson County Med-Act would pay OPFD a total of roughly $1.4 million for shared use of all four stations.

Here’s how that would shake out for each station, based on costs associated with operations, capital replacements and technology:

  • Fire Station 2: $215,117
  • Fire Station 3: $386,704
  • Fire Station 4: $242,078
  • Fire Station 5: $587,521