Prairie Village could add speed tables to stretch of 69th Street after residents voice concerns

69th & Fonticello PV

Prairie Village will consider installing two speed tables along 69th Street between Nall Avenue and Fonticello Street. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

The Prairie Village City Council will soon consider approving the addition of two speed tables — essentially, wider, flatter speed bumps — as a way to slow down traffic along a residential stretch of 69th Street between Nall Avenue and Fonticello Road.

Why it matters: Residents between Nall and Fonticello have worked with city staff over the last couple of years, expressing their concerns about speeding along that stretch of 69th Street.

  • More than 60% of residents in this neighborhood approved of the speed table measures, according to city documents.

The details: It is anticipated that the speed tables will be built this summer, according to city documents.

  • The two speed tables will cost approximately $10,000, and it will come from the traffic calming Capital Improvement Program project, according to city documents.
  • Specific location for the two speed tables is yet to be determined, though they will be between Nall and Fonticello.

What’s next: The city council will formally consider approval of the speed tables at a future city council meeting.

Key quote: “I’m here representing my sort of neighborhood block between Nall and Fonticello, we moved there three maybe four years ago — there’s a lot more kids on the block now,” resident Brent Nohl said. “It’s such an open street and it’s kind of a cut through between Nall to get down to the Village.”