Updates from Johnson County Community College: Support for students in all aspects of life

JCCC students receive support in and out of the classroom.

At JCCC, student support services extend far beyond the classroom. We assist students with their academic endeavors — and their individual personal needs – all to support our mission to inspire learning and transform lives.

Student Basic Needs Center

JCCC’s Student Basic Needs Center is a welcoming space that provides students with necessities they might be able to obtain on their own. Friendly staff provide students with emergency assistance funding, housing and public transportation information, social support services and ways to connect with local resources, The Cav Cupboard within the Center is stocked with food items, school supplies and personal hygiene products.

“Some people may have the perception there is not a food or housing insecurity challenge in Johnson County, or at JCCC. However, there are students who struggle, and the Student Basic Needs Center is here to help address those challenges,” explained Steve Franklin, Coordinator of Student Basic Needs.

Cavalier MealSHARE Program

JCCC recognizes that food insecurity can affect a student’s academic performance and physical health. Our Cavalier MealSHARE Program helps address this food insecurity crisis among students.

Each semester, students can apply for the program through Financial Aid. Qualified students are then given daily “dining dollars” that are loaded directly onto their ID cards, which allows them to purchase food items at any Dining Services location. This program guarantees students in need have access to free, healthy food while on campus.

Personal counseling

JCCC students never have to feel like their facing personal challenges alone. The JCCC Counseling Center has counselors available to assist and find solutions to many of the individual problems a student may experience.

The Center provides an online guide of personal counseling resources that cover topics like alcohol and drug abuse, depression, financial concerns, mental health and information for returning adult students.

Hiersteiner Child Development Center

Balancing being a parent and a student is a unique challenge. For many students, access to on-campus childcare through JCCC’s Hiersteiner Child Development Center (HCDC) helps ease that stress.

The HCDC is a licensed and accredited program for children ages one through six. The Center features three classrooms that accommodate each child’s needs, strengths and interests. Financial assistance is available to parents to help cover program costs, including the JCCC Child Care Access Fund Scholarship and the Child Care Assistance Grant.

Helpful student resources

JCCC places an emphasis on student success, both academically and personally. These are just a few of the resources our students can go to for support. Check out the comprehensive student resources list to explore all JCCC has to offer.