5 to Try: What are the best salads in Johnson County? Tell us your picks 🥗

Et tu, Johnson County? The Post's "5 to Try" this week is looking for best salads in Johnson County. Above, the Caesar salad at Verbena in Prairie Village. Image via Verbena Instagram.

The Post’s “5 to Try” is going green this week. Salad green, that is.

It’s the season to order up a plate of crisp greens, possibly tossed with some ripe tomato wedges and cucumbers, drizzled with a tart vinaigrette or some seasoned olive oil.

Maybe you like some broiled salmon or fried chicken strips on top to round it out?

However you order it, we want to hear what you think are the best salads on offer in Johnson County.

These could be appetizer salads that come before the main course, or they could be meals unto themselves. You decide. But as always, we want restaurant suggestions and specific orders to give the rest of our readers.

To send us your “5 to Try” suggestions this week and each week after this, you can: 

Each Friday, we’ll publish our readers’ suggestions for what made it into our “5 to Try.”

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