What did Johnson County look like 15 years ago? Google Street View now shows you

Ranch Mart North at 95th and Mission in Leawood in 2007, top, compared to now. Images via Google Street View.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the introduction of Google Maps’ Street View feature, the Internet search giant has launched a new function that allows users to “go back” to 2007 to see what things once looked like.

How does it work? Go onto Google Maps and place the little yellow person — which can be found in the bottom-right corner of your screen — on the map where you’d like to see a street-level view.

  • Once you’re in Street View, at the top left-hand corner of the screen, you should see a clock icon.
  • Click on the clock and should open a pop-up where you can move a slider through different years back to 2007, showing that view over time.
  • The tool only goes as far back as 2007, since that was the year Street View was started.

Below, the Post has compiled some side-by-side comparisons of prominent Johnson County developments to show just how much things have changed (or, in some cases, may not have hanged all that much) in the last 15 years.

Mission Gateway

Images via Google Street View.

Yeah, 15 years on, and the former site of the Mission Center Mall is still … under construction.


Images via Google Street View.

This is a more stark difference. Since 2007, 135th Street has gone through a major overhaul, including construction of the STAR bonds-funded Prairiefire project.

Downtown Mission

Images via Google Street View.

Downtown Mission along Johnson Drive, looking south east at Lamar Avenue, is noticeably different from 2007. The Salvation Army store remains, but now a large, multi-story apartment complex is next door.


Images via Google Street View.

A bucolic-looking field in 2007, the site of south Overland Park’s Bluhawk development has become a lot more bustling in the past 15 years … and could get even busier in the next 15.

Metcalf Avenue

Images via Google Street View.

This is one of the biggest changes we noticed. The site of the old French Market and Metcalf South Mall near 93rd and 95th Streets has been replaced by a large office building.

Downtown Overland Park

Images via Google Street View.

This one feels a bit more timeless. While Downtown Overland Park looks relatively the same upon first glance, you can spot some new buildings that have been constructed in the last 15 years.

Corinth Square

Images via Google Street View.

The main structure of Corinth Square has remained almost the same over the years, but the shopping center has definitely gotten an updated look with some greenery and new siding.

Blue Valley High School

Images via Google Street View.

Between 2007 to 2022, Blue Valley North High School has had a bit of a facelift, with bright yellow paint and new additions to the building.

Ranch Mart North

Images via Google Street View.

Undergoing some major changes in the last few years, Ranch Mart North in Leawood looks hardly the same.


Images via Google Street View.

The former Glenwood Plaza shopping center has completely changed now that a new apartment complex for the mixed-used Promontory project on Metcalf Avenue has taken over.