Prairie Village designates area near City Hall as ‘safe exchange zone’ to do Internet deals

Prairie Village safe exchange zone

The new "safe exchange zone" is on the city's municipal campus on Mission Road. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

Prairie Village recently designated two parking spaces near the City Hall as a “safe exchange zone” where residents can go to complete Internet deals.

What is it? The newly dubbed “safe exchange zone” is where members of the public can now agree to meet people from whom they’ve agreed to buy or sell something on the Internet, police Capt. Eric McCullough told the city council on May 16.

  • For example, someone who buys an item from Facebook Marketplace can meet the buyer at the designated spots to ensure their safety.
  • The two, well-lit parking spots are painted bright green and are under 24-hour surveillance, police say.
  • The city of Merriam features similar safe exchange zones near its police department, too.
Prairie Village safe exchange zones
Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

The location: Prairie Village’s “safe exchange zone” is located outside the city’s main municipal building, which also includes the police department at 7710 Mission Road.

McCullough said the parking spots are near the skate park at Harmon Park, immediately adjacent to the police building.

Key quote: “[The safe exchange zones] would be a place for people to go ahead and meet and make [Internet] purchases from each other, it makes them feel a little bit safer, because it is in our lot and obviously there’s a lot of police coming and going,” McCullough said. “It’s better than probably meeting at who knows where, a QuikTrip or something like that.”