JoCo Sheriff warns phone scammers are impersonating office personnel to get money

Woman using a cell phone

Scammers are impersonating Johnson County Sheriff's Office personnel via phone, the office reports. Photo credit Hope Media Stock Photography. Used under Creative Commons license.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office reports an increase in scam phone calls from people impersonating Sheriff’s Office personnel, according to a Wednesday press release.

What to do: Scammers are trying to get potential victims to pay them, saying there are fines due for missing a court date or in order to get out of a warrant, according to the sheriff’s office.

  • It is recommended that you get the name, title and return number for the person claiming to be with the agency. Then, call (913) 715-5400 and ask to speak to that person.

What not to do: Do not give personal information to anyone who claims to be with the Sheriff’s Office via phone.

  • Do not transfer money from your bank account because someone over the internet or phone tells you to.
  • Do not pay someone via bank transfer, gift card or any other way via phone.

Other tips: Deputies do call people about warrants from time to time, but actual deputies will never ask for a payment, according to the release.

  • If you’ve lost money because of a scam, file a complaint on the FBI’s internet crime complaint center here. The release states this is time-sensitive.
  • The Sheriff’s Office encourages people to remain skeptical, because “anyone can be targeted.”

Key quote: “If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be with the Sheriff’s Office who says there is a warrant out for your arrest and is asking for direct payment, this is a red flag,” the press release reads.