5 to try: Post readers pick the best farmers market vendors in Johnson County 🧑‍🌾

Overland Park Farmers Market

The Overland Park Farmers' Market hosts several stalls each week suggested by our readers. Photo via city of Overland Park.

Happy Friday and welcome back to another week of the Post’s “5 to Try” series!

With summer nearly upon us and most farmers markets officially open around the metro, we asked readers to send in suggestions for some of the best farmers market vendors they have found in Johnson County.

From “yummy” cookies to ranch cheese curds, this week’s list has a variety of items that we believe readers will find interesting and, of course, tasty.

Maybe you’ll see one of your favorites on this list, as well as spot a new stall or two to try out this weekend!

Two Sisters Farm

Photo via Two Sisters Farm Facebook page.

Typically found at the Overland Park Farmers Market, Two Sister Farm is a top recommendation from Post readers.

“We love Ryan at Two Sisters Farm for the absolute best lettuce around,” said Post reader Erica Voell. “You have to get to the market early to get some of the more popular lettuces, such as butterhead.”

Based out of Lawrence, Two Sisters sells a variety of 100% homegrown lettuce that has not been sprayed with any chemical pesticides or herbicides.

If you’re looking for anything from baby kale to arugula to romaine, then make sure to stop by and check this vendor out!

Hemme Brothers Creamery

Photo via Hemme Brothers Creamery Facebook page.

For the dairy lovers out there, look no further than our next highly recommended vendor from this week, Hemme Brother Creamery.

Run by four brothers out of Sweet Springs, Missouri, this vendor’s cheese has many readers boasting.

Bernie Lee said Hemme Brother Creamery has the best variety of cheese and recommends trying their ranch cheese curds.

They also provide other unique cheddar block and curd flavors, such as spicy ghost pepper and garlic dill, in addition to all the classics you could want.

You can find Hemme Brothers Creamery each weekend at the Overland Park Farmers Market.

Dirt Beast Farm

Photo via Dirt Beast Farm Facebook page.

Another vendor you can find selling locally-grown fruits and vegetables at Johnson County farmers markets is Dirt Beast Farm.

Located on a small urban farm in the Ivanhoe neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, Dirt Beast features a variety of produce, including tomatoes, peppers, butternut squash and more depending on the week and season.

“Dirt Beast Farm gets my vote for the best farmers market vendor in Johnson County,” said Post reader Karen Kolavalli. “[Farmer Jameson] farms using sustainable organic, no-till methods.”

Dirt Beast Farm frequents the Overland Park Farmers Market and Mission Market, which launches later this summer.

Yummylicious Cookie Company

Photo via Yummylicious Cookie Company Facebook page.

Vegetables are great, but you can also get your sweet tooth fix, too.

For that, turn to Yummylicious Cookie Company, which usually runs booths at both the Lenexa and Overland Park farmers markets.

They’re known for creating great-tasting baked goods and mixers using only organic, whole-grains and other minimally processed ingredients.

The company says they have perfected their original recipes after working on them for 15 years.

They also offer sweet ice cream sandwiches, cookies or some dry mixes to take home to make your own baked goods.

Juhl Greenhouse and Truck Farm

Photo via Juhl Greenhouse and Truck Farm.

Another Overland Park Farmers Market favorite, Juhl Greenhouse and Truck Farm provides the community with fresh, homegrown produce, along with beef, swine and lamb products.

Juhl Greenhouse is a family-run farm, owned and operated by Jarred Juhl since 1998.

Post reader David Lewis recommended getting their produce, which often includes heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, asparagus and more.

If you’re looking for something to beautify your dining room table, then check out this vendor as they sometimes sell flowers in fun gourd and log box planters as well.