Kansas ‘parents’ bill of rights’ falls short of veto override — See how JoCo lawmakers voted

The bill would have allowed parents more power to review and challenge curricular materials in schools. File image.

Kansas lawmakers Thursday failed to overturn Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto on a measure dubbed a “parents’ bill of rights,” meaning the bill will not become law this year.

The bill, known as SB 58, aimed to give parents more power to review and challenge classroom materials and curricula, including “lessons, syllabi, surveys, tests, questionnaires, examinations, books, magazines, handouts.”

Mostly Republican supporters of the bill said it was needed because parents have been shut out of their children’s education and have no control over potentially objectionable things being taught in schools.

But many Democrats cast the bill as politicized, driven by overblown concerns about things like “critical race theory” and LGBTQ issues. School officials have consistently told the Legislature that parents can already access information about curriculum and raise potential concerns.

The override passed the Senate by a vote of 27-12, but it did not meet the required two thirds vote in the House, which voted 72-50.

Take a look at how Johnson County lawmakers voted.

A “yes” means the lawmaker voted to override Gov. Kelly’s veto, and a “no” means the lawmaker voted to sustain the veto.

Kansas House of Representatives

Chris Croft (Republican, Overland Park): YES

Owen Donohoe (Republican, Shawnee): YES

Charlotte Esau (Republican, Olathe): YES

Linda Featherston (Democrat, Overland Park): NO

Jo Ella Hoye (Democrat, Lenexa): NO

Timothy H. Johnson (Republican, Bonner Springs): YES

Megan Lynn (Republican, Olathe): YES

Heather Meyer (Democrat, Overland Park): NO

Cindy Neighbor (Democrat, Shawnee): NO

Dan Osman (Democrat, Overland Park): NO

Jarrod Ousley (Democrat, Merriam): NO

Mari-Lynn Poskin (Democrat, Leawood): NO

John Resman (Republican, Olathe): YES

Susan Ruiz (Democrat, Shawnee): NO

Ron Ryckman (Republican, Olathe): YES

Stephanie Sawyer Clayton (Democrat, Overland Park): NO

Jerry Stogsdill (Democrat, Prairie Village): NO

Bill Sutton (Republican, Gardner): Absent / Did Not Vote

Sean E. Tarwater Sr. (Republican, Stilwell): YES

Adam T. Thomas (Republican, Olathe): Yes

John Toplikar (Republican, Olathe): YES

Carl Turner (Republican, Leawood): YES

Lindsay Vaughn (Democrat, Overland Park): Absent / Did Not Vote

Brandon Woodard (Democrat, Lenexa): NO

Rui Xu (Democrat, Westwood): NO

Kansas Senate

Molly Baumgardner (Republican, Louisburg): YES

Ethan Corson (Democrat, Prairie Village): NO

Beverly Gossage (Republican, Eudora): YES

Cindy Holscher (Democrat, Overland Park): NO

Rob Olson (Republican, Olathe): YES

Pat Pettey (Democrat, Kansas City): NO

Dinah Sykes (Democrat, Lenexa): NO

Mike Thompson (Republican, Shawnee): YES

Kellie Warren (Republican, Leawood): YES