7 major Prairie Village streets set to be upgraded with help from county road program

Nall and 71st Street in Prairie Village

Nall Avenue is one of the seven thoroughfares on Prairie Village's five-year CARS program plan. Above, Nall Avenue and 71st Street. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

Prairie Village is planning to work on seven major thoroughfares over the next five years through the County Assistance Road System program.

Which streets: The seven streets the city plans to focus on through the CARS program from 2023 to 2025 include stretches of Nall Avenue, Mission Road, Roe Avenue, 75th Street, Somerset Drive, 63rd Street and 83rd Street.

The city council last week unanimously approved the city’s CARS program five-year plan. Councilmember Cole Robinson was absent.

First project: Prairie Village is only currently committing to funding one of the project for 2023. That is Nall Avenue from 67th to 75th Streets.

That will entail $2.5 million in mill and overlay, or repaving, work. Because of the county’s CARS program, the cost to the city for that project is set to be about $970,000, according to city documents.

How CARS works: Johnson County funds 50% of a road improvement project’s construction and construction inspection costs through the CARS program. The county uses its general revenue fund and its share of the state’s Special City County Highway Fund for this program.

Learn more about the program on the county’s website here.

Future projects: Here is a breakdown of the rest of the CARS program projects, which are tentatively scheduled for 2024 to 2027.

2024 (projected total cost to city: $800,000)

  • Mission Road from 63rd Street to 67th Street
  • Nall Avenue from 75th to 79th Streets
  • Roe Avenue from northern city limits to 63rd Street

2025 (projected total cost to city: $880,000)

  • Ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface project on 75th Street from State Line to Mission Road
  • Ultra-thin bonded asphalt surfacing on Somerset Drive from State Line to Reinhardt
  • Mill and overlay (repaving) on 63rd Street from Roe to Nall Avenues

2026 (projected total cost to city: $654,000)

  • A combination ultra-thin bonded asphalt and mill and overlay project on Roe Avenue from 63rd to 83rd Streets

2027 (projected total cost to city $1 million)

  • Mill and overlay on 83rd Street from city limits to Nall Avenue
  • Mill and overlay on Nall Avenue from 63rd to 67th Streets