Johnson County’s annual residential satisfaction survey results are in — Here’s what residents said

two bikers round a curve in a lush park

In this year's resident satisfaction survey, Johnson County residents identified their top priorities- such as parks, public health and safety. Image from JCPRD website.

Johnson County residents have voiced their input on what the county does well and what it needs more of. 

In the county’s annual resident satisfaction survey, residents ranked the county’s quality of life and identified what county services they were the most and least satisfied in. 

The survey was conducted at the beginning of 2022 by the ETC Institute of Olathe and had 25 questions. A total of 1,649 Johnson County households completed the survey. 

At the Board of County Commissioners’ Committee of the Whole meeting on April 14, county commissioners reviewed its results.

“When it comes to being a place to live, raise children, work and retire, Johnson County is head and shoulders above the national and other large community averages,” said Chris Tatham, ETC’s President and CEO. 

Here are some of the key takeaways gathered from the survey. 

Quality of life: Residents rated the county’s overall quality of life highly. 

While 70% of residents who took the survey identified Johnson County as a good place to retire, 91% of them considered it a good place to work. 

Residents also identified the county as safe, with 94% of them reporting an “overall feeling of safety” in the county. 

An overwhelming majority of respondents- 98% and 97%- said they were satisfied with Johnson County as a place to live and a place to raise children. 

The top four reasons given for living in Johnson County were low crime rates, quality of public schools, proximity to family and a high standard of living. 

County services: Survey respondents named emergency services, public health services, the election office and the Parks and Recreation District as the county’s most important services. 

Out of all county services, the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District had the highest satisfaction ranking from residents, while housing assistance and services had the lowest. 

Top priorities: Residents identified public education, safety, health care access, maintaining roads and parks and trails as the ideal top Johnson County priorities for the next 10 years. 

The main areas where survey respondents thought the county should devote more resources were mental health services, aging services, homelessness and public health. 

View the full survey report here.