Updates from Johnson County Community College: Turning educational dreams into realities

Hear directly from satisfied Cavaliers who chose JCCC to kickstart their educational goals.

At JCCC, we place an emphasis on providing a well-rounded education and a complete college experience for our students. In fact, an independent student satisfaction survey shows 86% of responding JCCC students said if they had to do it over, they would enroll at JCCC again. Recently, we went to social media to ask our followers where their JCCC experience has taken them:

JCCC has taken me one step closer to the future that I dream of. Thank you JCCC for giving a non-traditional student like me a second chance! – Jacqui W.

JCCC has led me to a double major in math and computer science at UMKC. JCCC is the best! – Adriana C.

JCCC has taken me on a trip to Italy through the Hospitality program. – Courtney S.

JCCC led me to a legal degree, political candidacy and a position as Vice President of Government Affairs. – Rashard Y.

I was at JCCC for three years and loved my time there. I am currently attending ESU. – Malorie R.

JCCC was the steppingstone to a Bachelor of Communication and a Master of Public Administration! – Angela M.

JCCC has taken me to the social work program as an Honors student at KU Edwards! – Jocelyn

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my time at JCCC. Missing it every day. – Michael L.

JCCC has brought me closer to my dream of being a teacher, improving my writing and making new friends. – Connor B.

JCCC has taken me from the trades industry to an engineering career, and even gave me a fiancé! – Braeden A.

I was able to graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering thanks to my start at JCCC. – Alex A.

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These student statements demonstrate just how meaningful a community college education can be. Join in their enthusiasm! Get to know our campus and the many resources available to our students. Take a virtual tour where you can experience JCCC’s main campus on an 18-stop interactive video – all from the comfort of home.

Enrollment is open

Enrollment for summer session is officially open, and enrollment for fall begins April 20. No matter where you are on your educational journey, our Admissions team is here to help. Contact them at 913-469-3803 or JCCCAdmissions@jccc.edu. You can also check our Steps to Enroll to get started.