Prairie Village considers $1M for park upgrades over next 5 years — Here’s when and where

Taliaferro Park sign

Prairie Village will soon consider approval of a more than $1 million capital improvement program plan for parks through 2027, including new play elements at Taliaferro Park. File photo.

The Prairie Village City Council will soon consider approval of a more than $1 million capital improvement program plan for city parks, but the proposal does not include funding for planned work at Harmon Park, the city’s most prominent park.

The big picture: The parks and recreation committee wanted to tackle the city’s entire park system with the next five-year capital improvement plan. Otherwise, some city parks wouldn’t see improvements for more than five years, Councilmember Lauren Wolf said.

But this left the committee unsure of how to fit in $1 million worth of proposed improvements at Harmon Park, ultimately asking the city council for input.

Harmon Park needs a new restroom and pavilion to accommodate additional patrons using the inclusive playground that will be built later this year. (Residents can provide feedback on the inclusive playground until April 15 online here.)

The committee also left out any pool updates from the capital improvement plan, under the assumption that it would be addressed through the ad hoc civic center committee, but that panel has since removed work on the city’s pool from its scope.

The details: Here’s a breakdown of the parks and rec committee’s proposed park improvements over the next few years:

  • In 2023, a total of $360,000 would go towards signage and new lighting at the skate park and Weltner Park’s basketball court, as well as play elements at Taliaferro Park.
  • In 2024, the plan calls for a total of $205,000 for lighting at the community center basketball court (near City Hall) and a new shelter and play structure at Bennett Park.
  • In 2025, the plan features $340,000 worth of nature play and historical marker improvements at Franklin Park.
  • In 2026, $295,000 worth of trail and playset improvements at Windsor Park.
  • In 2027, $375,000 worth of improvements is set to go to shelter and playset improvements at Porter Park.

What’s next: The city council will consider approval of the capital improvement parks plan at a future city council meeting. The city council will also discuss both a proactive pool improvement plan and the potential for moving Harmon Park renovations up in the schedule.

Key quote: “We have an image in Prairie Village to uphold, we have a vision of what we think our community is and where does that start for new residents?,” Ward 6 Councilmember Terrence Gallagher said (also a parks and recreation committee chair). “It starts with people coming into our community and our parks.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story failed to include improvements planned for 2026.