Capitol Update: Rep. Heather Meyer criticizes out-of-state interest groups for driving ‘culture war’ bills

"Unfortunately, very little of the legislation we heard will make the lives of everyday Kansans any better, and that’s because so much of what comes out of committees and onto the floor is brought to us by out-of-state, dark money interest groups," Rep. Heather Meyer writes in this week's Capitol Update.

Each week during the 2022 Kansas legislative session, we will provide all Shawnee Mission area legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, the opportunity to share their thoughts about what’s happening in the state capitol.

Below is this week’s submission from Democratic Rep. Heather Meyer of Kansas House District 29, which covers a segment of Overland Park. 

Democratic Rep. Dan Osman, Republican Rep. Owen Donohoe and Democratic Sen. Cindy Holscher were also offered the chance to submit columns this week.