Bellmont Promenade, long-delayed project in Shawnee, unlikely to move forward

A representative of Legacy Development, the company behind the mixed-use project Bellmont Promenade in Shawnee, told the Post the project is "doubtful" to move forward. File image.

After years of struggling for progress to build a mixed-use residential and commercial project in Shawnee, Legacy Development appears to be giving up on Bellmont Promenade.

Project history: Located on about 26 acres at the southwest corner of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Maurer Road, the $98 million project would have included a mix of commercial, retail, restaurant and residential uses.

Shawnee city leaders considered various forms of the project years ago, as well as a variety of public financing incentives packages. However, nothing moved forward behind some initial approvals of conceptual plans.

The last time Shawnee considered anything related to this project was nearly one year ago, when the Shawnee City Council in April 2021 unanimously agreed to cease negotiations for a public financing arrangement with Legacy Development, the lead developer. 

Key quote from Legacy Development: “We still have major retailers and restaurants that are eager to be in Shawnee. However, there are challenges with the site and financial feasibility that prevent us from making progress on advancing the development. I am doubtful at this point that we will be able to go any further with the Belmont Promenade.” – Dave Claflin, a representative for Legacy Development

Key quote from city of Shawnee: “We have not had any contact with the developer for months.  Project discussions regarding a number of different proposals lasted for years.” – City Manager Nolan Sunderman

Key quote from neighboring homeowner: “It’s been too little too late, if you will. This thing’s gone on now for five, maybe six years, sort of lost track. We don’t need more retail. God knows we don’t need more apartments, especially the ones like they were proposing. Myself, personally, I think some townhomes, patio homes, something like that would be perfect. Now, is that cost effective on that tract of property? I don’t pretend to know, but I would think that’d be a good starting point if something’s going to go in. My biggest thing is I just don’t think that private companies should get tax dollars or tax rebates, that kind of thing, build it yourself and pay for it yourself.” – Don Lysaught, homeowner on Bell Road who opposed or raised concern with Bellmont Promenade